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Mission Statement

The American Road Thunderbird Club (TARTC) was founded as chapter five of the Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI).  Our mission is simple; we preserve and enjoy vintage Thunderbirds.  This page is to link our membership to the Internet, and to connect other like-minded people to the resources of this very active club.

Joining the TARTC

While we are a vintage car group, having a vintage vehicle (25+ years old) is not a prerequisite to joining our club.  In fact, owning a T-Bird is not even required to join or participate in our club, you only need to have a love for the cars!  Membership is open to all owners and admirers of these vehicles. The TARTC currently maintains a membership of over 300 people.  Our club is primarily social in nature, sponsoring many exciting events each year and we publish a newsletter. The TARTC Newletter is published every month. You may belong to both TARTC and CTCI, but each has its own dues.

Our new membership application form is available as a PDF Document. Click here.

Personal Interest Articles From Our Newsletter

Our club produces an award winning monthly newsletter called the Little Bird Talk. It includes announcements of upcoming events, pictures from past events, technical tips and items of interest about our membership. 

1955 1956 1957 Thunderbirds in Ads and Commercials

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Tech Articles From Our Newsletter

Keeping your Bird Alive ...with tech tips from our members

1955 T-Bird Information
1956 T-Bird Information
1957 T-Bird Information
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Invoice Information Word Document

Invoices for 1955 -1957 Thunderbirds are only available for CTCI Members from The American Road Thunderbird Club. Click on the Invoice for more information on how to obtain one for your car.


If you would like to send comments, please e-mail the (substitute @ for at) tartcwebmaster at

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